The Island Gallery

The Island Gallery features leading Northwest wood artists creating objects from fallen and recycled timbers. The Gallery exhibits furniture and sculptural pieces made from salvaged or recycled wood from trees native to the area, including Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, Maple, Western Walnut and Cherry. Sculptures may be exhibited in outdoor spaces.

Many of the wood artists are inspired by the work of George Nakashima, a native of Washington. Live edges found in many of the furniture pieces remind us of the grace of the living trees, the grains remind us of their long continuity with the Northwest. Our artists use these shapes and forms to make unique pieces of decorative and functional art.

Wood sculptor Gregory Glynn notes:

My intention is to alter the material to reveal the existing traits of the tree without removing it far from its natural form…Working with "green" or unseasoned wood as I often do, I anticipate its potential instability and try to incorporate this into the work…The changes allow the wood to evolve over time and let nature, the supreme sculptor, have the final hand in each piece.


Humaira Abid, Christian Burchard, Richard and JoAnne DeMeules, Gregory Glynn, David Gray, Jeff Greenup, Debra Greiner, Scott Griffin, Steve Hall, Daniel Herreshoff, Steve Humphrey, Erik Lindbergh, Jason McCloskey, Curtis McLean, Keith Mesirow, Milo Mirabelli, Dean Mohler, Nolle Pritchard, Gary Quitslund, Alan Rosen, Cecil Ross, Ted Scherrer, Kris Skotheim, Donald Smith, Carlos Sosa, Robert Spangler, Ed Steckmest, Howard Todd and Steven Uren.


October 3-31, 2008
Wood Show: Furniture and Sculpture of Cecil Ross, Robert Spangler and Howard Todd
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October 2007
Gregory Glynn, Sculpture & Drawing
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November 1-28, 2006. Celebrating New Creations for the Holidays: Leading Northwest Wood Artists represented by the Gallery.

May 5-31, 2006. Pacific Rim Artistic Collaboration: Design & Technology. Japanese Woodworking Demonstration by Keith Mesirow, Bainbridge Island Arts Walk, Sunday, May 7, 1-3 p.m. The May show is part of the Bainbridge Island Humanities Inquiry, Sharing an Ocean, Living on the Pacific Rim, which features cultural events during March-June 2006. First Friday Opening, May 5, 2006.
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April 7-30 2006. In the Garden: Wood, Stone & Ceramic Art for Outdoor Living Ken Lundemo, Gavin Noyes, Steve Sauer and Gregory Glynn. Garden Bells by Daniel Herreshoff. First Friday Opening, April 7, 2006, 6-8 p.m.
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November 4 - 30, 2005.
On the Edge: Group Show of Northwest Wood Artists. Featured artists include sculptors Christian Burchard, Gregory Glynn, and Debra Greiner. Wood artists exhibiting furniture include: Gary Bella, Steve Hall, Keith Mesirow, Alan Rosen and Robert Spangler.
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September 30 - October 31, 2005. Dreams of Flight: The Soaring Artistry of Erik Lindbergh. Erik Lindbergh’s unique wood and bronze works capture mankind’s expanding horizons of flight and space in Dreams of Flight.
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December 10, 2004. Art in Wood. Wood Sculpture and Furniture. Gregory Glynn, Carlos Sosa and Gary Quitslund. December 10, 2004, Opening Reception, 6-8 p.m.