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debra greiner

Educated at Ohio State University and the Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, Debra Greiner has worked in a range of artistic venues over the past 30 years: as Assistant Art Director for the Jackson Hole News in Jackson, Wyoming, owner of an award-winning sign business in Jackson Hole, scenic painter in the theater and film industry in Los Angeles and Seattle, and co-founder and Visual Art Director of Room 608, Gallery for Visual and Performing Arts in Seattle.

Following an apprenticeship with influential Tlingit sculptor R. James Schoppert (whose 1988 “Portal to the Pacific” sculpture is prominently displayed on Seattle’s Mt. Baker Tunnel, with retrospectives of his work appearing most recently at the Guggenheim and American Indian Museum of the Smithsonian) in his Stone Frog Studio in the early nineties, Debra has pursued sculpture as an artistic medium. Debra has been featured in group and solo shows at Room 608, Mercer-Hood Gallery in Seattle, and Edison Eye Gallery in Edison, Washington. The Island Gallery is pleased to represent Debra in this area, and to feature her among our talented group of artists working with woods native to the Northwest.

The Steller’s Jay Series

Debra has created a series of fourteen wood reliefs inspired by the Steller’s Jay (or the Western Blue Jay). The sculptures reflect the unusual beauty of the Jay’s feather patterns, particularly the barred blue wings and tail feathers, as well as the range of blues and blacks of these large, intelligent birds.

The majority of this work is carved cedar, painted with acrylic washes. The washes are paint diluted with water and layered to achieve desired shade and intensity. The largest piece is assembled from timber bamboo.

I learned to carve from Tlingit sculptor, R. James Schoppert. My methods are identical to his teaching, although the content of imagery in my work is a radical departure from that of my mentor, whose Native American heritage informed the subjects of his contemporary work. Together we shared a deep reverence for the natural world, with its magic and poetry, purity of wild beauty and inexhaustible spirit. My work will forever be inspired by this extraordinary artist. Inspiration also comes from an individual sensibility to embrace this fragile world and all the life it nurtures. And, inspiration comes from the life source itself.

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November 4 - 30, 2005.
On the Edge: Group Show of Northwest Wood Artists. Featured artists include sculptors Christian Burchard, Gregory Glynn, and Debra Greiner. Wood artists exhibiting furniture include: Gary Bella, Steve Hall, Keith Mesirow, Alan Rosen and Robert Spangler.
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