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Keluarga Besar
reverse appliqué

43" l x 21.5" w

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Keluarga Besar/Big Family is one of a series of three textiles based on important human relationships. The series includes: Our Son, The Big Family and Friendship. It is a reverse appliqué , batiked, shibori, painted and stitched piece of 9 layers measuring 43" long by 21.5" wide. It is intended for display as a fine art work It is dominated by the stupa motif which is categorized in traditional batik categories as a ceplok motif. This motif symbolizes the staff and begging bowl of the Buddhist begging monk. The batik motif is a combination of stylised kawung motifs (four concentric circles) and a motif called fire. The back side of the piece is a shibori (tie dye) piece done by folding the cloth produced by James Bennett while working as an artist-in-resident (Australian Art Council Award) at Brahma Tirta Sari in 1994. The predominant colors are yellows, orange, green, blue and black.

This technique used in this series is inspired by the Panamanian reverse appliqué technique mala cloths and also an outcome of a close relationship with the deceased Australian textile artist Elsje King van Keepel whose fabulous stitched art works inspired Brahma Tirta Sari to continue the exploration of this medium after her death in 2001.