The Island Gallery

The Island Gallery features Pacific Rim artists who are inspired by tradition yet are innovating in techniques and designs. Our West Coast artists create a range of jewelry forms from semi-precious stones and antique beads gathered from around the world and do their own metal work in silver, gold and copper. Our silver jewelry includes collections from American designers who are collaborating with Indonesian craftsmen who have revived the repousse technique of silversmithing.

Jewelry artist Virginia Paquette notes:

Creating this new series of jewelry is fascinating for me because the process uses the same design elements of painting - the depth of color, faceted surfaces that collect and reflect light, rich texture and shape, contrast and intensity - all are the elements that are found, in this case, in the natural stones, and their arrangement and juxtaposition. Each unique piece variously combines semi-precious stones, coral, silver, pearls, crystal, or jade. Each is titled with an element from nature, suggested by its colors and textures. And I frequently use antique beads because their weight and luster and character often tell more of a story.


Sophie Bryant, Shelley Herman, Micki Lippe, David Mendoza, Su Olsen, Virginia Paquette, Cleva Rose, Priyo Salim, Solomon Woodworks (Gabriel and Tahirih), Dixie Stanton, Sandy Swirnoff, Katy Ubaldi, Roger Wilbur, Irwan Williams and Lou Zeldis.