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chris knapp

Chris Knapp has been actively working in ceramics for the past ten years. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College, he participated in exhibitions throughout Washington State. He has also shown his work in Chicago, and in 2002 he showed his work at “Ancient Fires – The Anagama Tradition” in Astoria, Oregon. His work is represented in a number of private collections in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as in his native Washington.

Chris regularly fires at the Hikarigama “Enlightened” Kiln in Elkton, Oregon, an Anagama/Noborigama kiln owned by Hiroshi Ogawa; and at Benn Pottery, a wood fired salt kiln, owned by John Benn and Colleen Gallagher. He has taught in a number of workshops in Washington and Oregon, on such subjects as slab and stick pots, hand building large forms, and clay printing.

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August 4-31, 2006. Pottery: Prairie – Plains – Pacific: A Celebration of American Contemporary Wood-Fired Ceramics by Artists from the Prairie, Plains and Pacific.
Jenny Andersen . John Benn . Richard Bresnahan . Barb Campbell . Gina Freuen . Colleen Gallagher . John Harris . Chuck Hindes . Randy Johnston . Chris Knapp . Nathan Lekan . Ken Lundemo . Jan McKeachie-Johnston . Gavin Noyes . Steve Sauer . Al Tennant . Ben Waterman . Rigel Weis. Special contribution from Shiho Kanzaki, Shigaraki, Japan and Owen Rye, Victoria, Australia.
Opening Reception and Demonstration by Chris Knapp, Friday, August 4, 2006, 6-8 p.m.
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August 5-31, 2005. Contemporary Wood Fire: Interpretations. Hiroshi Ogawa, Chris Knapp, John Harris, Jack Walsh, Beverly Saito, Barb Campbell, Natalie Warrens, & Terry Inokuma.

Ceramic Handbuilding Demonstration by Chris Knapp at The Island Gallery on August 4, 2006 for the show Pottery: Prairie - Plains - Pacific.