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virginia paquette

Virginia Paquette, an MFA graduate in painting from the University of Washington, has worked and exhibited internationally. Her art frequently depicts a sense of movement and change. Winner of numerous public art commissions, Paquette created a sculpture installation, “Lampadario,” in the halls of the Issaquah District Court through 4Culture, and is currently creating work in glass for the new Redmond campus of Lake Washington Technical College as part of the Washington State Art in Public Places program. She continues to explore more processes and media, develop performance-installations with her husband, clarinetist and composer William O. Smith (Bill Smith), and teach and exhibit in Rome.

"In my art I have sought to depict motion, memory and contradiction. I am drawn to the sense of objects and space on the move, of color and shapes and lines in flux. And sometimes the connection between the shape of nature and the shape of the human gesture is an inspiration: the similarity of the tendril, the curve of the hip, the cascade, the vocabulary of posture. I often work with images of movement, from natural forms and phenomena: rain, floods, "deluge," the vortex and spill of moving water in defined spaces, whirlpools. The "memory" is transplanting visual cues from one place/time to another, perhaps fragments of classical figures or architecture - or "time fragments" from my own history.

Creating a series of jewelry pieces is fascinating for me because the process uses the same design elements of painting - the depth of color, faceted surfaces that collect and reflect light, rich texture and shape, contrast and intensity - all are the elements that are found, in this case, in the natural stones, and their arrangement and juxtaposition. Each unique piece variously combines semi-precious stones, coral, silver, pearls, crystal, or jade. And I frequently use antique beads because their weight and luster and character often tell more of a story."


November 2 – November 30, 2007 Catena/Chain-Curve. The Island Gallery presents a new collection of Northwest artist Virginia Paquette’s metal sculpture and jewelry.
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January 6-31, 2006. Head for the Sun. Continuing our wearable art theme into the New Year, you are invited to cruise through the Gallery for resort wear and jewelry, as well as decorating items to warm your home.

December, 2005. All that Glitters: Contemporary Wearable Art, Jewelry & Clothing Treasures from the Studios of 10 Northwest and Pacific Rim Artists. Opening Reception and Fashion Show, First Friday, December 2, 2005, 6-8 p.m. (see press release.)

October 1 – October 31, 2004
Virginia Paquette: FOREIGN BODIES, Bead Constructions and Paintings of Found Images from Italy, with Bill Smith, jazz performer and composer.
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