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Sandra Holzman

The Island Gallery welcomes Edgewood, New Mexico artist Sandra Holzman. Sandra studied fine arts at the Philadelphia College of Art and completed her BFA at the School of Visual Art in New York. She subsequently developed the fine art of paper marbling into a technique for producing large-scale fabrics with one-of-a-kind patterns of flowing colors. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Designers West, House & Garden Magazine, and Fiber Arts Magazine.

The work of this period has become a huge favorite with the interior and fashion design industries. Such notables as Yves St. Laurent, Mary McFadden, Ralph Lauren and the Disney studios have commissioned Holzman to create unique fabric for their special projects.

Recently Sandra’s textile work has evolved into an exploration of color, texture and surface design on silk fabrics, using printmaking and painting techniques. This work has been featured at the most prestigious museum shops as “Wearable Art”.

Additionally, Sandra’s fine art work is evolving into a new phase of creativity as she adds painting, drawing and monotype printing to her artistic repertoire. The light in New Mexico continues to drive her visual explorations.

In Sandra’s words:

My interest is in the making of something beautiful. I seek to express the feeling of the moment. The challenge is to bring oneself to the act of creation with total presence. I want to capture the light and energy I feel in the landscape. This gives the work life. I use mediums that allow me the freedom to move across the surface energetically. I do not think about the act of creation. I let it flow through me.

Sandra also teaches, sharing her areas of expertise with a large group of budding artists.


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