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Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson, an artist who recently moved from northern Michigan to Washington, is committed to fine wood working. He is an avid collector of both antique woodworking tools and rare and exotic woods, reflected in the range of functional and sculptural pieces he creates, from beautifully grained boxes and book stands to whimsical birdhouses.

Chris says:

I have been an artist all of my life. Originally I drew with ink and paper… I've been doing fine wood working for about six years now. I have worked at a furniture factory in the past, making cheap office furniture. That is where I became familiar with the different saws found in a wood worker's shop. I did wood working at home, mainly construction or repair. I would find furniture on the side of the road, tear it down and make something new out of it.

Then one day, a friend of mine, who was in his 80s, retired from wood working. He gave me several truck loads of quality walnut, cherry and fine maples… I became serious about woodworking. I read endless hours of wood working books and started buying tools. I built my shop mainly from garage sales and estate sales.

My main method of working with wood is using antique tools such as hand jointers, jack planes, scrapers and other quality tools. I am completely self taught. I strive to build the best, exemplifying quality joinery.

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