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Fred Loase

The Island Gallery is happy to represent ceramic artist Fred Loase of Bainbridge Island.  Fred works with different firing methods, and perhaps his enthusiasm for the art form is best explained in his own words:

When I took my first pottery lessons in the late 1970s my instructor would stand behind my pottery wheel and invariably say, “Step away from the wheel.”  Of course he was trying to keep me from pushing my luck.  He could see that I was ready to kill a pot.  Happily I ignored his advice.  Not that I didn’t kill many pots.  But by not “stepping away from the wheel” I have lived a pottery life full of adventure and happy accidents.  Now, forty years later, I continue to push the envelope.  My desire to try new things has taken me into the world of alternative firing and away from functional pottery.  I now live in a world where my complete trust is in the kiln god.  Each firing is a new gift from above.  Raku, saggar, pit fire, wood fire are firing methods with uncertain results, which is just the way I like to live.  Like Forrest Gump, I never know what I’m going to get.

My saggar pieces are fired with ominous compounds such as ferric chloride and copper carbonate (rendered harmless once the piece is fired) and organic materials including banana peels and dry leaves.  The result is a beautiful mottled look.

In my other life I am a retired high school teacher (Algebra and English,) a college professor (working with teachers who were obtaining a masters degree,) and a writer (presently working on the sixth rewrite of a novel).  With all of that to keep me busy I have always been and am to this day driven to create ceramic art.  I am so glad that I never stepped away from the wheel.

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