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Randy Acker

Randy Acker, from Olympia, Washington, designs and builds objects for people who desire both utility and beauty in the items that are a part of their everyday lives. Throughout his life he has been drawn to science and the natural world, and believes that the more connected we are to that world, the more we are inclined to truly value our natural heritage. He sees wood as a perfect medium for creating a bridge between the natural world and our everyday indoor environments. Where possible, he uses natural edges and defects, such as cracks, holes, or insect damage in his work, since they serve as a reminder that wood, no matter how carefully cut and finished, is still a product of the natural world.

While he started woodworking around age seven, he pursued a career in state government, and before retiring served as an executive manager for the Department of Natural Resources.

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RANDY ACKER: Maple Burl & Epoxy Table

RANDY ACKER: Maple Burl & Epoxy Table

Maple burl, epoxy and chrysocolla (gemstone).  Steel legs.  Dimensions:  38.5” x 23” x 18” t.
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RANDY ACKER: Slab, Walnut, Epoxy and Copper

RANDY ACKER: Slab, Walnut, Epoxy and Copper

Walnut and epoxy slab. Dimensions: 23-1/8" x 39-1/8" x 1-1/8".

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