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Beverly Sokol

Bev Sokol holds a BS in Textiles and Metals from Portland State University and further study in metals at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft. An owner of a company which designed and produced fabric props for storytelling at schools and libraries throughout the US for some 35 years, she now makes jewelry full-time at her studio near Portland. Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Oregon and California and she is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

My work relies largely on my complete fascination with raw materials. The world is a constant source of inspiration with textures, shapes and contours. I use simple tools, two antique anvils, my favorite hammer, files, a saw. I build forms from sheets of metal or carve wax or forge raw gold directly with a hammer. My materials are some of the most elemental on earth – gold, platinum, silver, stones and gems.

Hammering a chunk of gold into a ring on an antique goldsmith’s anvil imparts a texture that cannot be achieved any other way. I use recycled 18, 22 or 24 karat golds, platinum and sterling because of the inherent glow and the opposing qualities of toughness and malleability. The surface of these metals is soft enough to invite the patina that life leaves behind, without sacrificing durability. The challenge of the work and constantly stretching to learn new processes gives me a satisfaction few things in life deliver.

I make the jewelry I am compelled to make and wear myself. I am delighted when it resonates with others. I concern myself with spare, essential shapes, resulting in jewelry that becomes a habit, an integral part of the daily ritual of dressing. My intent is that each piece will become a treasured personal symbol.

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