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Esperanza Grundy

Esperanza Grundy, a member of the Women Painters of Washington, has won numerous awards for her works in collage and watercolor. With a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Washington, she has lived both in the Southwest and Northwest. As the artist notes, color is the main ingredient in her work, in abstract compositions which explore the lives of literary artists (Bedside Table Series), the American Flag, or the place of women across cultures.

Esperanza explains her Faces series, and comments on her work in general:

Color is the main ingredient in my work. Faces began as an exercise to abstract the human face. It became important to show the similarities and the differences in the faces of various cultures. I used color and various collage materials in an attempt to show the wounds or the memories in the human face.

The urge to create is irresistible to me. The symbols, images, textures and colors in my paintings and collages are my pathway to spirit and truth. My fundamental source of inspiration is my personal heritage: my family is hispanic and native american and has lived in the Southwestern US for many generations. Cultural explorations continue from there by listening to other people's stories, traveling to exotic places, reading and dreaming.

I love to gather, arrange and layer materials. Everything is a potential element: paper and fabric scraps, my own handmade papers, paint, stencils, transfers and photographs. Using cast off "compost" to give new life to art is richly symbolic to me. Creating physical depth through layering allows me to more deeply express ideas and feelings. I hope the layers act as levels to invite emotions, thoughts, memories and meaning for viewers of my art.

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