The Island Gallery

The Island Gallery features leading contemporary textile artists working in ancient artistic traditions - batik and ikat textile art from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The Gallery works directly with artists and is home to the largest collection of contemporary museum-quality Indonesian wall hangings in the Northwest. These hangings are complemented by home furnishings (pillows, table linens, yard goods), many made from hand-spun natural dyed textiles, that enhance a range of architectural styles and reaffirm the close relationship of the Northwest to the natural environment.

The Gallery also features wearable art - jackets, ensembles, scarves, and bags - designed by Balinese artist Rana Helmi and others. We also are introducing wearable art in natural fibers from leading American fiber artists.

Batiks are made using the copper canting, cap or a combination of the two, while back-strap looms are used in making ikats. Both techniques demand high skill and long hours of labor. Each piece is a unique work of art. The textiles represent artists working in studios and cottage industries, and include American artists collaborating with Indonesian artists to recover old motifs and techniques while innovating in new directions.

Agus Ismoyo, Indonesian, and Nia Fliam, American, a collaborative husband and wife team living and working in Indonesia are two of the talented artists represented at the Gallery. Ismoyo and Nia, known as ISNIA, look to the roots of the Javanese batik tradition and seek to continue its essence in a contemporary spirit:

We approach our work by holding as an ideal the way of an "empu" batik maker who created the ancient sacred motifs, a master who had excellent technical skills, a deep philosophical grounding and esoteric abilities in meditative practice. As the present situation is different from the time sacred motifs were created many centuries ago, the motifs need not take the same form. We attempt to find the spirit of each of the sacred motifs. Our batik is like a starting point of exploring a technique. We are completely open to all possibilities, like archeologists who have just discovered a small stupa which proves, in fact, that we are digging up a temple that is still buried.


Ardiyanto, Regina Benson, Randall Darwall, Barbara De Jounge, Tracy Dunn, Rana Helmi, ISNIA (Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam), Akihiko Izukura, Viola Knudsen, Masina, Britt Rynearson, Shella, Sebastiana Sloan, Carter Smith, Iwan Tirta, Arlene Wohl, Lou Zeldis, and artists from Sumba, Timor , Bali, and the Utopia Urapuntja Australian Aboriginal Community.

:   PAST SHOWS   (more...)

July 11-August 29, 2008. Fiber Face: A cross-cultural batik exhibit at The Island Gallery
Features World-Renowned Artists and Fulbright scholars Agus Ismoyo & Nia Fliam (ISNIA)
Opening Friday, July 11, 2008
(see press release.)

December 1-31, 2006. Silks and Stones: Second Annual Wearable Art Show. Textile Artists: Akihiko Izukura, Carter Smith, Arlene Wohl & Rana Helmi. Jewelry Artists: Sophie Bryant, Su Olsen, Virginia Paquette, Cleva Rose, Priyo Salim, Dixie Stanton, Katy Ubaldi, Roger Wilbur, Irwan Williams & Lou Zeldis. Introducing Regina Benson and her textile sculpture Downpour.
(see press release)

May 5-31, 2006. Pacific Rim Artistic Collaboration: Design & Technology. The May show is part of the Bainbridge Island Humanities Inquiry, Sharing an Ocean, Living on the Pacific Rim, which features cultural events during March-June 2006. First Friday Opening, May 5, 2006.
(see press release.)

March 3-31, 2006. The creations of Shibori Master, Carter Smith. Opening Friday, March 3, 2006. Carter exhibits his hand dyed original fashions in galleries across the United States and abroad. After 40 years and over 200,000 yards of fabric personally dyed by Carter, his passion remains stronger than ever.

January 6-31, 2006. Head for the Sun. Continuing our wearable art theme into the New Year, you are invited to cruise through the Gallery for resort wear and jewelry, as well as decorating items to warm your home.

December, 2005. All that Glitters: Contemporary Wearable Art, Jewelry & Clothing Treasures from the Studios of 10 Northwest and Pacific Rim Artists. Opening Reception and Fashion Show, First Friday, December 2, 2005, 6-8 p.m.
(see press release.)

June-July 2005. Celebration of Batik: The Artistry of Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam.
(see press release.)

September 2004. Wearable Art Jackets & Hidden Treasures. Rana Helmi.
(see press release.)