The Island Gallery
Rigel Weis

Educated at universities in Washington State and Idaho (MFA, University of Idaho),
Rigel Weis has been an active presence in group and juried exhibitions over the past three years, since completing his graduate studies. These include national and international shows in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, New York and Florida, juried by noted ceramic artists, including among others, Dick Lehman, Patti Warashina, Don Reitz and Chuck Hindes. His work has been shown in Ceramics Monthly and is featured in The Naked Truth: 2004 International Juried Wood Fire Exhibition (Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, 2004).

Rigel’s work includes functional ceramic pieces such as tea bowls, mugs and serving dishes which incorporate a luminescent beauty that provides tremendous joy and pleasure to otherwise mundane daily rituals.

People often ask me why I chose a career in clay. My answer has always been, “because I love it.” From the moment I touched this unique material my life has been centered on clay and fire. It has shaped my life as much as I have shaped it, and I feel blessed to wake up each morning knowing that I am a part of this continuous cycle of give and take. It has enriched my life and in turn I hope to enrich others through my work.

I express/communicate my thoughts using the idea of the vessel and other forms of containment which metaphorically references humans and has the ability to hold and serve; this in turn allows me to work in both the functional and sculptural avenues of ceramics. To work with clay is to intimately interact with the world. All of the elements (water, earth, air, fire) become essential in the creation of my ideas in a visual form.