The Island Gallery
eva funderburgh

Eva Funderburgh was born in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in the much smaller town of Manhattan, Kansas. The youngest child of two microbiologists, she grew up with not only a love for nature and form, but a curiosity as to the working of things as well. In high school, she moved to Pittsburgh with her family. There, she started to do more ceramics, both at the Manchester Craftsman Guild, an award winning after school program, and at the Pennsylvania Governor School for the Arts, a prestigious summer program put on by the state of Pennsylvania.

After high school, she decided to focus on both chemistry and art by pursuing one of Carnegie Mellon University's new interdisciplinary degrees, the Bachelor of Science and Art. In a move that would influence her aesthetics in both pottery and sculpture, she spent the first half of her junior year studying at Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design in Nagoya, Japan. Returning to CMU, she began to focus more on ceramics sculpture as she moved closer to graduation. In the summer of 2004, she interned at Standard Ceramic Supply of Carnegie, Pennsylvania, and worked with Dale Huffman, a wood fire potter in Pittsburgh.

After graduation, Eva moved to Seattle and now works with wood fire sculptor Steve Sauer, as well as acting as a research assistant in the chemistry department of the University of Washington. She is presently living less than one mile from the hospital she was born at.

I find my work comes from a sense of whimsy at the world, and a deep rooted enjoyment in life. Each day, I try to take time to look around and appreciate the intensity of being that comes from being alive. These feelings are what I try to enclose in my art. I try to share the calm view of a forest in the cool curve of a cup. I work to capture the immense joy and mischief that I see in the world through the expressions of my sculptures, and their eagerness for movement. I feel that wood firing fits my work. I feel it gives the pieces freedom and energy to fit their form.


May 2 31, 2008. Beasts of the Kiln : Woodfired Ceramic Critters. The Island Gallery features the work of Eva Funderburgh and Ken Lundemo.
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