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November 24, 2006. For immediate release. Images attached.


Textile Artists: Akihiko Izukura, Carter Smith, Arlene Wohl, Rana Helmi
Jewelry Artists: Sophie Bryant, Su Olsen, Virginia Paquette, Cleva Rose, Priyo Salim, Dixie Stanton, Katy Ubaldi, Roger Wilbur, Irwan Williams, Lou Zeldis

And introducing the three dimensional fiber sculpture of Regina Benson.

Exhibition Dates
: December 1-31, 2006. Opening Reception and Fashion Show: Friday, December 1, 6-8 p.m.

The Island Gallery is pleased to present its second wearable art show featuring silk coats from two well known American textile artists, an exciting Japanese newcomer on the American fashion scene, and an Indonesian designer popular with Island Gallery patrons. Jewelry creations come from Northwest and Pacific Rim artists and a well known Santa Fe artist new to the local art scene.

Japanese textile and clothing designer Akihiko Izukura is developing a following among fiber aficionados across the United States. His hand woven and natural dyed silk textiles are created according to his philosophy of “zero waste.” Descendant of a long line of master silk weavers who created kimonos for the imperial family in Japan for centuries, Akihiko has taken his passion for weaving and dyeing in contemporary directions. Following a process that is over 2,000 years old, the silk is hand dyed with subtle colors made only from natural materials. It is then braided, knitted or woven on looms. Waste products from the process are used to develop ceramic glazes and handmade paper. Akihiko has exhibited internationally, including New York. He has received many awards in his native Japan and has been featured in Fiber Arts and Ornament Magazines.

Carter Smith is known as the Shibori Master in the United States. He has been dyeing one-of-a-kind fabrics since 1965. In 1982 he started making his own clothing and has become known for his bias designs. Today, Cater has over 250 original bias design concepts and creations. Carter sells his hand dyed original fashions in galleries both in the United States and internationally and lists a number of notables who wear his designs – including Maya Angelou, Jesse Norman, Elizabeth Taylor, Alice Walker and Mick Jagger! Carter is regularly featured in Fiber Arts and Ornament Magazines, as well as other art publications nationally and internationally.

Arlene Wohl, a California based weaver, has created silk jackets and coats for many years. Her complex weaving patterns are exhibited in galleries in the United States. Rana Helmi, Indonesian artist, creates long dramatic silk coats using the hand drawn batik textiles of husband-wife team Nia Fliam and Agus Ismoyo whose silk batiks are regularly featured at the Island Gallery. All of these designers create shapes that are uncluttered yet interesting, contemporary yet timeless. Arlene’s philosophy is shared by all of these artists: I love the transformation that happens to the cloth when it becomes a garment, and I love it when the garment is worn and transforms the wearer just as the wearer transforms the garment. It is a three way relationship between the creator, the work, and the wearer which happens when clothing becomes more than material. It can endow the wearer with spirit, image, identity.

Jewelry featured this season includes the bold designs of Bainbridge native Sophie Bryant now studying at the Chicago Art Institute, who incorporates large gem stones and architectural artifacts into creative necklaces and earrings. Suquamish artist Cleva Rose, known for her copper work and kumihimo weaving, presents new pieces featuring leather and copper entwined gem stones. Virginia Paquette and Dixie Stanton, well known artists from the Seattle area, are experimenting with silver metal work and gem stones to create one-of-a-kind necklaces. Pacific Rim artists include Lou Zeldis, an American designer working in Indonesia, who has created a collection of gold and silver entwined river and gem stones into what appear to be contemporary versions of archeological finds. Indonesian artist Priyo Salim, from a family of silver artists working in central Java, has created large silver cuffs featuring Asian motifs in a contemporary style. Roger Wilbur, well known Santa Fe jewelry artist, is exhibiting his silver and turquoise inlay bracelets for the first time in the Northwest.

The Island Gallery is also pleased to introduce Regina Benson, Colorado based textile artist, whose three dimensional fiber sculptures continue to press the boundaries of contemporary fiber art. She will be featured in a solo show at the gallery during 2007.