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May 18, 2007. For immediate release. Images attached.

Exhibition and Event:TEA BOWLS ABLOOM
Ancient Themes, Contemporary Forms

Artists: Jenny Andersen, John Benn, Richard Bresnahan, Granite Calimpong, Barb Campbell, John Dix, Jiri Duchek, Gina Freuen, Eva Funderburgh, Colleen Gallagher, Damian Grava, Nancy Gill, Eric Gorder, John Harris, Chuck Hindes, Shiho Kanzaki, Chris Knapp, Ken Lundemo, Jan McKeachie-Johnston, Sequoia Miller, Gavin Noyes, Hiroshi Ogawa, Peter Olsen, Owen Rye, Beverly Saito, Steve Sauer, Al Tennant, Jack Walsh, Natalie Warrens, Ben Waterman, Rigel Weis.

Exhibition Dates: June 1 – July 31, 2007

Opening Reception: First Friday, June 1, 6-8 p.m.

Every summer, Bainbridge Island welcomes an influx of die-hard flora aficionados who flock from all over the globe to attend one of the gardening world’s premiere events: Bainbridge in Bloom. This two-day celebration includes garden tours, lectures, a bicycle tour, shuttle, and a Festival area featuring an art fair, plant sale, and food vendors. The event itself, however, is only the tip of Bainbridge Island’s summer gardening iceberg: Our growing season is long and the island is overflowing with avid gardeners, most of whom consume rather a lot of tea!

In homage to our island of blooms, teadrinkers, and the artists who enrich us, The Island Gallery presents Tea Bowls Abloom: Ancient Themes, Contemporary Forms, a collection of wood-fired ceramic tea and flower vessels from 31 international, national and Northwest clay artists, including these local favorites, whose functional and sculptural works grace many Bainbridge Island and Washington State homes:

Jenny Andersen, Bainbridge Island: Well known to Island residents, Jenny was named an Island Treasure by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council in 2005. Her intricate vases, box forms and animal sculptures are legendary.

John Benn and Colleen Gallagher, Harstine Island: From functional pottery that includes mugs, sushi plates, rice bowls, sake sets and cruets, to glossy/earthy vases and detailed wall tiles, the juxtaposition of John’s strong forms and Colleen’s feather-light touch produces a wonderfully balanced art repertoire.

John Harris, Auburn: Long a production potter, the seeming ease of perfection and mesmerizing symmetry that inhabits John’s work is always impressive and satisfying.

Chris Knapp, Seattle: One of our first resident ceramic artists, Chris imbues his hand-built bowls, jars and bottles with a boldness and sensuality that produces extraordinarily grounded vessels, soaring with improbable effects.

Ken Lundemo, Seabeck: Beloved around the Peninsula for his whimsical animal forms, this vastly talented multi-media artist shares his delicate bowl forms and graceful flower vessels.

Beverly Saito, Port Townsend: A master of detail, this popular Olympic Peninsula artist is probably best known for her ceramic birdhouses. Her exquisite tea bowls will be on display.

Steve Sauer, Port Orchard: This multi-talented artist works in clay, stone and glass to produce huge fountain and garden installations; yet it is his understated wood-fired tea bowls that are now revered, and carried in world-class galleries across the United States.

Al Tennant, Whidbey Island: An undeniable master of the tea bowl genre, Al Tennant delights with his array of bowls, from comfy companions to showy spirits landscaped with unexpected splashes of glaze and fire.

Ben Waterman, Seattle: An up-and-coming talent who will have his first solo show in Japan next year, Ben is known for the extreme refinement of his work, much of which is fired multiple times to produce both quiet and stunning effects at the same time – in the same bowl.

With Tea Bowls Abloom, The Island Gallery welcomes: John Dix, Japan; Jiri Duchek, Prague, Czech Republic; Peter Olsen, Seattle; Damien Grava, Seattle; Sequoia Miller, Olympia; and Granite Calimpong, California.