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October 26, 2007. For immediate release. Images attached.

Exhibition and Event:Virginia Paquette (see artist's homepage)
Exhibition Dates: November 2 – November 30, 2007
Opening Reception: First Friday, November 2, 6-8 p.m.
Musical Guest: Bill Smith, internationally-known jazz clarinetist

The Island Gallery presents a new collection of Northwest artist Virginia Paquette’s metal sculpture and jewelry.

An MFA graduate in painting from the University of Washington, Virginia Paquette has worked and exhibited internationally in diverse media. Winner of numerous public art commissions, Paquette completed an environmental installation celebrating the Millennium and Education for a Washington State “Art in Public Places” project on the campus of Bellevue Community College, and has created work in glass for the Redmond campus of Lake Washington Technical College. Her work appears in many area collections, including Microsoft; Seattle Arts Commission; City of Seattle Portable Works Collection; King County Arts Commission Public Art Collection; and the Multnomah County Portable Works Collection, Oregon. Paquette continually explores new processes and media, teaching and exhibiting in the Seattle area and in Rome, Italy. In her words:

In my art I have sought to depict motion, memory and contradiction. I am drawn to the sense of objects and space on the move, of color and shapes and lines in flux. . . I often work with images of movement, from natural forms and phenomena: rain, floods, “deluge,” the vortex and spill of moving water in defined spaces, whirlpools. This series is inspired by the beauty of the catenary curve, the curve a hanging chain assumes when supported at its ends and acted upon by gravity. “Catena” is the Italian word for “chain,” and it occurred to me that this curve appears frequently in the Classical Roman and Baroque architectural detail, painting and sculptural design that I love, and in the drape of chain around the neck and wrist.

Of Special Interest: Bill Smith, jazz performer, will play the clarinet during the artist’s reception. Bill was a member of Dave Brubeck's experimental Octet, continues to record and perform with Brubeck, and is Virginia's husband.