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March 21, 2008. For immediate release.

West Sound Academy Senior Art Show: Retrospective

The Island Gallery presents the portfolios of five talented young artists as they prepare to graduate from high school: Sarah Renea Browning, Lila Burns, Stephanie Guy, Miriam Hershberg, and Lisa Jackson.

Show Run: April 4 – 30, 2008

Artists’ Reception: First Friday, April 4, 2008, 6-8 p.m.

Location: The Island Gallery, 100-106 Madison Avenue N., Bainbridge Island, Washington

West Sound Academy, located in Poulsbo, Washington, offers an integrated arts and academics program where students are exposed to a full array of art forms. From the beginning, they take a semester each of exploratory level visual arts, such as media arts, music, theatre, and dance. After this, students choose from more specialized courses, including architecture, videography, printmaking, graphic design, web design, painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration, and photography. Students can also design their own courses via an independent study with a mentor from the faculty or the community. West Sound Art Faculty members, who have been instrumental in developing the talents of this fine group of artists, are Greg MacDonald, Linn DeNesti, and Leigh Metteer.

The Artists, in their own words:

Sarah Renea Browning, Bainbridge Island
: When I was little, my mother didn’t give me coloring books. She said that it limited creativity, and I would thank her later. Thus, when most kids were coloring-in Barney, I was drawing my own. My mother is an artist and my father is an engineer and inventor. This makes for a very creative atmosphere to grow up in. They have always been supportive of me and my passion for the arts. I have lived on Bainbridge Island my entire life, except for two years during which I lived in Spain. Through my travels I have been exposed to many types of art in several different countries. I started painting when I was in middle school, both on my own and in class. Painting is something that I have always done in my free time, to the exclusion of other art forms. From the beginning I have challenged myself to try something new with every piece. I have decided to pursue art as a profession, and possibly become an art teacher. I plan to gain a liberal arts education, majoring in painting or illustration. I cannot imagine a life without creating art.

Lila Burns, Kingston: Lila’s interests have always bounced between folk music and visual art. Marc Bell of Nogadod, Gary Baseman of The Teacher’s Pet and The Low Brow Art Movement distorted her ideas, fed her sense of humor and made her work a little more visually interesting. She was dead-set on becoming a fashion designer until 9th grade when she tried making theatre costumes and bagged the idea altogether. Amelia Thomas Stier introduced her to graphic design and flipped her ambitions and pursuits every which way. Currently, she is fast on her way to art school and is mulling over her choice between several different colleges. She plans on majoring in graphic design, living in a box because of the high costs of art school, and playing her music whenever she gets the chance. Until then, she’ll be enjoying her last few months of high school and the sunny, sunny springtime!

Stephanie Guy, Burton: My mom is an artist; therefore, I always assumed that I would become one as well. I have been creating art since I was little, but was always frustrated with the result. When it came time to think about what I would do after high school, I was sure that I would attend an art college. Eventually I realized I had other interests as well. One big problem was that my insistent perfectionism and need for detail drove me crazy. But that is the style I am comfortable with, and I can't imagine doing artwork any other way. The illustrations of Arthur Rackham are a huge influence on the style of my artwork, with his attention to intricate details and strange imagination. Art will always have some presence in my life.

Miriam Hershberg, Bainbridge Island: Miriam likes tattoos, muscle cars, music, and comics. Once upon a time she ventured into the world of pastels and paints and then realized she wasn’t that enthused about it, so she moved on to her longtime passion of designing tattoos and black and white pen drawings. And so, the story continues because she’s going to college and is stoked to get out of high school. Forever. She has no idea what she wants to study in college except she wants to make more art and do some tattoos. Although she’s still planning to do art in college, she is not going to art school.

Lisa Jackson, Suquamish: I am a Suquamish Tribal member, living in the Suquamish Tribal community. This community has influenced my entire life. Since I was twelve I have gradually taught myself the patterns of my culture’s designs, creating traditional Salish weavings and teaching other youth within my community. I have also created logos and paintings of the Native American designs and I enjoy being involved with my culture. Through all the wonderful art classes at West Sound Academy I have learned a way of looking at normal objects from a different viewpoint. With all the techniques and painting skills I have learned I will surely keep creating art in the future. Art is part of my daily life and will always remain that way.