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Tumar Art Group

The Tumar Art Group is a women-run business, established in 1999, uniting a group of artisans and craftsmen in Kyrgyzstan. The artists redefine traditional materials and techniques, applying modern designs for the contemporary world. They currently produce about 2,000 items for home and office interiors, personal accessories, textiles, clothing and footwear. The majority of Tumar’s products are created using felt, with the rest made of other natural materials such as cotton, silk, leather clay and wood.

The Kyrgyz people for centuries led a nomadic way of life, developing and adapting their daily routines, household utensils, clothing and yurts (portable dwellings) to this lifestyle. As noted by Tumar’s artisans:

Our timeless pieces have a strong voice, personal originality and a high level of craftsmanship imbued with human energy. The ultimate reward for crafting timelessness is the joy experienced by our customers during use.

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TUMAR: Felted Coverlet/Wall Hanging, "Petroglyphs"

TUMAR: Felted Coverlet/Wall Hanging, "Petroglyphs"

60” wide, 88” long. This is the last one currently available.  For further information, please contact the Gallery.

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