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Carol Lee Shanks: SPECIAL SALE


For a limited time we are offering a special collection from this artist at a 15% discount. In a grouping that lends itself to infinite mixing, matching and layering possibilities, we have in most instances created collages demonstrating various ways these lovely garments can be worn, but by no means the only possibilities! Please enjoy viewing them here in the artist's dedicated Sale Section; or click here to visit her regular section, for even more treasures!


Carol Lee Shanks' long career has been dedicated to designing unique handcrafted clothing designs and textile art pieces. She has a great reverence for cloth, allowing it to be the foundation of her inspiration and personally constructs each garment, one by one, building collections made from carefully selected fine materials. Her dressing concept encompasses coordinated silhouettes layered for style and comfort. She has designed an understated, timeless look meant to be collected piece by piece over many seasons.

Carol has a degree in Textile and Costume Design from the University of California at Davis. She now works and exhibits her clothing and textile art from her Berkeley, California studio. Her work is shown and sold in galleries throughout the United States and has been included in international shows and fiber art publications.

Seattle-based arts writer Robin Updike, quoted from her article “Carol Lee Shanks: Refining the Silhouette” in the July 2012 issue of Ornament magazine, comments on Carol's work:

"Not only is Carol's clothing singular in its architectonic-meets-romantic aesthetic, but there's an impressive element of environmental awareness in her work. For instance, Carol tries to use up scraps of fabric each season, sometimes using tiny leftovers as ornament on other fabrics. Or she simply makes two-dimensional artworks - fabric collages really - to hang on the wall. Lots of style, not much waste. It's impressive."

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