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Ashley Licht

Creating art from felted wool, screen printing, and a healthy dose of whimsy, Ashley Licht's charming bird sculptures are a Gallery favorite. She currently lives and works in Montana, along with a certain Feathered Friend:

It’s hard to narrow down which part of Montana I’m from, but right now I can be found in Stanford. My life is well described as up in flight.

My current artistic passion is screen printing, though it was one of the few courses I skipped in college. I love to create a design and then see it come to life on a fabric surface. What started out as a drawing in my sketchbook has now become a dimensional piece of art. Each bird is carefully screen printed by hand, with quality wool felt. There are many steps, but it's not until the eyes that each bird starts to take on its own personality. The toughest decision is picking out which pattern and color!

A big inspiration for me is my pet sparrow, Pip, who can frequently be found perched on my shoulder while I work.

In the future I hope to continue working in screen printing, developing my designs as far as they may take me; to see myself expanding my skills and products, and continuing to work as a full time artist.

Another flock of Pips is flying our way soon, in a variety of colors and patterns; please check back often, or contact the Gallery for availability.

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