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Gavin Noyes

Gavin Noyes studied ceramic wood firing techniques in Shigaraki, Japan before building his own anagama kiln in southern Utah. Gavin prefers the unadorned beauty that results from wood-firing. The surface of each pot tells the story of what happened between the fire and earth inside the kiln. Often there is no glaze obscuring the raw clay except the wood ash carried by the flames onto the surface of each piece. This beauty is similar to that found in southern Utah’s striking landscapes, where the earth is naked of the trees, soil, and water which blanket most of our planet. Its creation, much like Gavin’s work, is revealed to anyone who takes the time to study its intricacies.



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GAVIN NOYES: Clamshell Vessel

GAVIN NOYES: Clamshell Vessel

Wood fired in Utah. Includes hand forged steel base by Patrick Clanton. Dimensions: with base, 23" tall x 29" wide x 7" deep. Note that the vessel was fired on its side (pointing to camera), on shells easily visible to be in the path of fire along with drips caused by melting/cooling ash. A beautiful example of the wood-firing process.
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