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Pam Galvani

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest twenty-five years ago, Pam Galvani and her family lived in many parts of the United States; travel has thus played a major role in expanding her understanding of how art holds meaning across cultures. Her academic background combines studies in history and graphic design with an active studio practice in lettering and printmaking. She completed her MFA at Vermont College of Art in 2014. Her BA is in history, while her MAT is in history education. For many years, she has taught history, calligraphy and English. Primarily a printmaker today, Pam has also been a calligrapher for 40 years, incorporating gestural marks into her work. Her art has been shown nationally and locally, including Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

I am a text-based artist. Inspiration for my work often begins with my reading or hearing words, phrases or stories that resonate with me. By abstracting the original text, my intention is to discover and reveal ideas that go beyond what legible words may communicate. Each of the prints here is a monotype… I allow the process of making prints to structure my exploration into how meaning reveals itself.

Pam lives and works on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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PAM GALVANI: Viewfinder

PAM GALVANI: Viewfinder

Framed. Dimensions: 16.75" x 12.75".
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PAM GALVANI: Writing Lesson

PAM GALVANI: Writing Lesson


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