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Corinne Carbone

While Corinne Carbone is largely self-taught, she has studied under several teachers since childhood.  The experiences her various teachers shared with her, as well as the varied and always curious path this life brings, has allowed her to have a vast wealth of rich soil from which to create.  Corinne has recently moved to Bainbridge Island.

Corinne has exhibited her work at a number of galleries in Maine (Chapter Two Gallery, Corea; John Edwards Gallery, Ellsworth; Nan Mulford Gallery and The Carver Hill Gallery, Rockland;  Cygnet Gallery, Bar Harbor and Portland; The Gallery at Somes Sound, Somesville, as well as New York (Square Inch Gallery); and more recently California (Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles; Yosemite Renaissance XXX and XXVII Art Exhibitions) and Oregon (River Sea Gallery, Astoria and Gallery 114, Portland).

Animals first started showing up in some of my work a few years ago with my series of “peeps.”  Those little birds that can be defined as “flitting around.” I then began to add more creatures to my menagerie. Owls, cats, rabbits, a random elephant here and there. On a recent trip to the Italian alps, I met a wonderful cow who became the subject of a recent painting. But far and away one of my favorite muses has been my son’s dog Miss Luna. She is always camera ready with her personality and expressive gestures. Dogs are so honest with their expressions.

Being an abstract artist, it is about the story I want to tell through my images. Be it landscape, people or animals. I always strive for a reaction, nothing too obvious but maybe subtle and hopefully relatable.

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