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Chris Demarest

Born in New England in 1951, most of Chris' career has been in children’s publishing with over 100 titles to his credit. FIREFIGHTERS A to Z was a NY Times Best Book (2000).

Research has taken him as far as the Persian Gulf, as an official artist for the US Coast Guard, as well as flying into Hurricane Ivan with the Hurricane Hunters.

From 2011-2017, he traveled the country painting in museums and libraries portraits of World War II era men and women while collecting stories. The tour brought him to Bainbridge Island in 2017 where he documented the internment of local Japanese Americans, the main painting now hanging at the island’s Historical Museum.

In 2018, Chris settled on the island where he began exploring sculpture in wood and shoji paper, leftovers from a teahouse studio he built. The World War II exhibit is now permanently housed at the Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, California. A smaller exhibit is currently touring Alaska.

Chris remarks:

My influences for decades have come from Japan and Scandinavia, pulling elements from each culture: line, spareness, simplicity and material. Though my background has been in both traditional portraiture and children’s books, three dimensional work has floated throughout my life. Moving to Bainbridge Island, building a teahouse, it was working with leftover shoji paper that led to my current work: sculpture and lighting. Borrowing from Scandinavia the word “hygge” to define cozy, comfort and my essential building material, shoji paper, I call my work: “Shygge”.

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