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ISNIA: Sacred Zoo

ISNIA: Sacred Zoo


Sacred Zoo (Keban Binatang Sakra), 2007. 225 x 140 cm, batik on silk.

Shown in a composite image, as displayed (on back wall) in 2008 Fiber Face Exhibit, The Island Gallery, and in detailed close-up. (Collaboration: Indonesia: Brahma Tirta Sari: Agus Ismoyo & Nia Fliam; America: Salish American Indians: Michael & Susan Pavel; Australian Aboriginals: Ernabella Arts, Imiyari (Yilpi) Adamson, Niningka Lewis, Amanyi (Dora) Haggie; Nigeria, Africa: Yemisi Ajaya.)

Sacred Zoo is a batik made in 2005 in a collaboration crossing between Indonesia, Australia, Africa and the United States. The original piece was inspired by Darin Collins, Director of the Seattle Zoo, who challenged Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam from Brahma Tirta Sari Studio in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, to include more animals in their work. In September 2005 Ismoyo and Nia travelled to Australia to carry out a collaborative art-making project with the Ernabella Arts Studio, the oldest Aboriginal art studio in Australia.

In addition, they were given drawings of Salish American Indian sacred animals by Michael and Susan Pavel when they carried out a collaboration with them at The Island Gallery in 2005, and these motifs are included in the work. The piece also travelled to Nigeria where the Lagos batik artist Yemisi Ajayi also batiked her sacred elephants on the cloth. This cloth speaks of the collective importance, throughout our world, of symbols of animals. These symbols are important reminders of our integral connection to all living beings on our earth and the need to dwell in harmony with them all.

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