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L. WENDY DUNDER: Illuminated Sculpture "D Vine 2"

L. WENDY DUNDER: Illuminated Sculpture "D Vine 2"


Created from multiple layers of tissue paper glued in place over frameworks of materials such as thin-cut and bent wood, reed, bamboo, and welding rod, these illuminated sculptures spring to life as glowing wall sconces, table lamps and hanging lamps. Delicate and graceful in appearance, they are amazingly strong and functional.

In this series the artist has used 30 year old vines from Aurora, Oregon's Pheasant Run Vineyard for the wood bases. She says:

Last winter they allowed me to slog through the mud to collect some of the unproductive cut stumps. After hauling them home I started the process of cleaning the moss, bark and dirt, first using a power washer, then smaller hand tools. Next came treating them for boring insects, and beginning the process of designing the reed and paper, then installing the sockets and wiring.

Dimensions: 19" wide x 17.5" high x 14.4" deep.

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