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PETER NAWROT: Sucia Island

PETER NAWROT: Sucia Island

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A description of this stunning piece by the artist:

This piece of spalted maple came from a special tree that was highly figured and had multiple burls. The tree died after living for a hundred years and the owner wanted the wood within to be used in a creative way. The decay or spalting is caused by fungal organisms breaking down the structure of the live wood. This causes the discoloration seen in this piece and the black lines known as zone lines. These fungal lines harden after the piece is dry and become suspended within like a delicate ribbon. They are thin, brittle and very difficult to reveal without damaging.

My inspiration in carving this piece was largely dictated by the unusual grain pattern. There are no straight lines due to the compressed or figured grain. The flow of this piece reminded me of ocean currents, while the holes were inspired by the erosion of the sandstone formations of Sucia Island in the San Juans. This piece explores the relationship between water and wood, which began the decay of the tree, the intrusion of fungus, and eventually to the end of its life.

The artist has written out the description in a wooden book, which will travel with the sculpture to its new home.

Metal base by Patrick Clanton.


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