The Island Gallery
howard todd

Howard Todd was born in Chicago in 1951. He attended the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, receiving a BA in anthropology with minors in photography and music. Professional experience includes self-employed software developer, technical consultant, marketing writer, and Microsoft manager.

I am a self-taught woodworker. I have been fascinated by woodworking for most of my life, and have been seriously pursuing it since 1998.

My passion for woodworking starts with a love of wood, particularly the endless variety in color and figure. I begin by selecting exceptional wood and then incorporate it in a design that will reveal and enhance its qualities. I am drawn to the challenges of working in wood, and the satisfaction in fine joinery.

I strive to bring a level of craftsmanship to my wood equal to its promise. To transform it into a piece which can be used and treasured for years, I approach all of my joinery, machining, and shaping techniques with care and precision. In many cases, I have developed my own patterns and jigs to deal with compound angles, curves, or other technical challenges.

My designs are straightforward, and unify style with structural and functional considerations. The goal is distinctive work with impeccable fit and finish that will endure.