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Michelle de la Vega

Michelle de la Vega is a Seattle based visual and installation artist, designer and welder.  Her design aesthetic has a re-purposed industrial sensibility that reflects a vision of economy, functionality and precise artistic attention to detail.

As a welder Michelle makes sculpture, and designs and fabricates custom steel table bases and furniture.  She also works in mixed media assemblage, sculpture, and installation.

Prominent themes in her current work are stories centered on personal narrative, family history and relationships. Her artworks create an aesthetic rapport between highly developed detail and precision, and an organic, deeply humanistic character.  The patterning of repetition, theme and variation creates a sense of heredity and evolution, and was cultivated through listening to baroque music growing up as well as during her formative years spent as a professional dancer. Connections between these elements are assembled through a process of writing, drawing, collage, dialogue and research. In terms of scale and spatial design Michelle’s work has been influenced by designing and building living spaces.

In 2010 a 250 square foot Mini House Michelle designed, built and lives in were the subject of a 3 page feature article on the cover of the New York Times Home and Garden section. She and the house have also been featured in MORE Magazine, Scoops Homes and Art in Western Australia, as well as in renowned London designer Terrence Conran’s book, How to Live in Small Spaces, in October 2012.

Michelle received her education and training from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles, California (visual art), Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington (dance) and the South Seattle Community College Welding and Metal Fabrication Program.

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