Paul Flessner – Furniture and Wood Accents

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Paul Flessner
Paul FlessnerCustom Woodwork
“There is a simplicity to form. It is immediately pleasing when right. Even when struggling to describe why, we just know we like it. In addition to form, a woodworker must learn to draw upon the beauty and the strength of the wood. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Working with organic material which moves and changes throughout its lifetime provides unique opportunities and challenges. Learning to match and position the most beautiful wood grain adds to the overall beauty of the final piece. In addition to the aesthetic the piece must be strong and functional. In the case of a chair it must be also be comfortable which is sometimes the greatest challenge of all. These design points: beauty, strength, function and comfort provide the tensions for designing and building great furniture. For me, this is the essence of working and what I enjoy doing.”

Each piece is hand crafted in his Bainbridge Island workshop, he uses power tools in this process, but the curves and contours are done by hand, making each piece uniquely beautiful. This is not the fastest way to make furniture but I prefer these traditional methods which provides me a way to express myself.