Christine Sundt – Jewelry

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Christine Sundt
Christine SundtJewelry
“I draw inspiration from art and nature, but seldom start with a firm idea of what my final design will be. Pieces of metal, faceted or natural stones, the colors and textures around me, are the forces that shape and make my jewelry. Works come together on my workbench as elements find each other through proximity, association, and chance.”

Chris works with precious metals, but also other metals, and even found objects. Her pieces are often geometric, highly stylized and polished. Her rings are often asymmetrical, and can be worn on either hand or another finger to produce a different look, and some of her pendants can double as brooches. Chris’s designs can be considered wearable sculpture as much as they are jewelry.

Beyond her interest in jewelry creation, Chris is a visual resources curator and art historian, with degrees from the University of Illinois Chicago and the University of Wisconsin Madison. She currently lives in Oregon.