Begoña Rentero – Jewelry

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Begoña Rentero
Begoña RenteroJewelry Design
Spanish artist Begoña Rentero likes to think of her creations as jewels that have a touch of fantasy and glamour. Her work is shown in Museums and Galleries in Europe and the US. She brings color, balance, and texture to her designs, making her pieces of paper, a medium she is familiar with because of to her painting. She creates jewelry that is light, colorful, and delicate, yet durable enough for everyday use. Her papers are made from all types of fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, linen, and felted cotton, and she is continually researching new and various materials and treatments to use in her creations. By mixing her own natural dyes and pigments she achieves the vibrant pallet of colors that distinguishes her work, and finds inspiration In her travels through Spain and beyond, from the forms she sees in art, culture and nature.