D.Bali – Textiles & Wearable Art

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D.BaliTextiles and Wearable Art
In 2003, D. Bali began experimenting with natural dyes made from plant materials, which led to his studying the batik process. D-Bali has a collection of more than 150 old batik stamps gathered from the batik centers on Java. These were found in markets or in old boxes in the closets of families whose grand or great-grandfathers made batik. D. Bali produces designs that are contemporary. Some of our old batik stamps made during the 1920’s – 30’s and after WWII into the 50’s, are very “modern” motifs. We also have a small number of stamps that were made during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia during WWII, that are recognized as traditional Japanese motifs. D. Bali now also designs new stamps made by craftsmen using copper and bronze and also hand carved wood stamps.