Curt Labitzke – Paintings & Prints

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Curt Labitzke
Curt LabitzkePaintings & Prints
Lebitzke’s work is influenced by his extensive travels and reflects a passion for the sensuous quality of Etruscan art, the beauty of the Renaissance, the poetic storytelling of the Greeks and the brut directness of the German Expressionists. His intaglio prints, often built of iconic figures inspired by ancient Greek and Roman portrait busts, peer from their ambiguous space seeking empathy as they passionately engage the viewer.

Curt’s artistic process involves several stages: sketching, etching the sketched figure onto a copper or plexiglas plate, running the inked plate through a vintage press onto archival paper, distressing the printed paper with a variety of tools, and repeating this process up to five times. The resulting print resembles a treasure unearthed from an archeological dig.