Betsy Giberson – Wearable Art

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Betsy Giberson
Betsy Giberson Wearable Art
“I have always loved cloth. It’s been endlessly fascinating to find where I can take the cloth—and where it takes me.”

Fiber artist Betsy Giberson began by working with store-bought fabric, but some line or color was always wrong. Then she began to color and design cloth herself, first by stamping, then dyeing, and eventually she turned to shibori. She constructs simple geometric shapes that gently drape the body, and uses the traditional techniques of shape-resist.

Giberson explains that her clothing is all about layering, because that’s how she loves to dress. Her layering concept works in all parts of the country. she’s created wearable art pieces that travel well and seldom wrinkle. In the event a piece does wrinkle she says to use her grandmother’s trick of hanging it in the bathroom and turning up the hot water in the shower.