Pam Galvani – Prints

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Pam Galvani
Pam GalvaniPrinter and Calligrapher
Pam grew up living in many parts of the US, ranging from upstate New York to New England to the middle of the country, and now residing in Northwest. Travel has played a major role in expanding her understanding of how art holds meaning across cultures.

Primarily a printmaker today, Pam has also been a calligrapher for 40 years. Her study of lettering has provided a strong foundation for her ongoing examination of mark making as both form and carrier of meaning. In 2004, Pam began incorporating gestural marks into her studio work in printmaking. Her prints are monotypes, each a unique print resulting from applying ink to a plate and then printing that plate onto paper. The result often reveals ideas and meanings that were not consciously intended, but which emerge as a result of the dialogue between her original application of the ink and the printmaking process.