Carlo Scanagatta – Textiles and Wearable Art

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Carlo ScanagattaTextiles and Wearable Art
The Scanagatta legacy begins high in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, where designer Carlo Scanagatta was born into a long line of artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. Ingenuity, beauty, imagination, and attention to detail are the gifts that he learned; the brilliance of the designs is his alone.

Love brought Carlo to Seattle, where Scanagatta Designs grew to be a family affair. It was driven by his wife Nancy Medwell, and made real by their daughter Elena, and the historic textile mill in Como, Italy, Tessitura Alberto Albertazzi. There, three generations of artisan Albertazzi women bring the Scanagatta designs to life in wearable, joy-filled form, one handmade piece at a time.

Carlos’ designs are printed in editions of 50 each, and range from cityscape designs of Seattle, Italian city squares, Daytona cars, and wine glasses, to colorful abstracts printed on luxurious Italian silks and cashmeres. They are heavenly next to your skin.

Carlo sadly passed away this year after a long illness; Nancy continues to oversee the production of his designs in Europe.