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Sarah Kaye

Trained in Product Design at Parson’s School of Design in New York, ceramic artist Sarah Kaye comes at the development of her work from a very practical place: What would this be like to fill, drink from, wash, hold, put away? After her studies at Parson’s, Sarah spent twelve years working in marketing and advertising before returning to ceramics as a resident artist at Pottery Northwest in Seattle's Lower Queen Anne.

I think this journey is reflected in my work, along with the places I’ve been lucky enough to live: London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, New York, and Melbourne. Now in Seattle I work in Georgetown at Equinox Studios, where I never tire of watching the colours of the sky, mountains and water.

I find there is a simple joy that we get from seeing and using objects we love. We are tactile and visual creatures, and this (design) stuff matters to us. For instance, that small moment of pleasure when you realise your favourite coffee cup is clean for your morning coffee? Well that moment is my motivation - I’m after your small pleasure.

Tactility? That’s my bag. I want everything I make to feel good – for a cup to have such a surface and curves that you don’t want to put down when it’s empty. Go on, pick up a cup, you’ll see what I mean.

Sarah's pieces are all food safe, lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and stain resistant.

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