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L’FINA accessories, created in the Aspen Valley of Colorado, are made from Cork Fabric. The motto of L’FINA is "a little thing for that Nature swing!" For those seeking high quality function in their sustainable fashion, we use Nature’s own ‘technical materials’ to offer you beauty that is light on your body, and our Earth.

Cork Fabric is very light weight, durable and water resistant. Since the 1960s cork has been NASA’s material of choice for protecting rocket engines due to its thermal protection. The material is made from the outer bark of Cork Oak trees which is shed every 8-10 years and processed using non-toxic boiling materials and sealants. The cork forests of France, Spain, and Portugal are second only to the Amazon in plant and animal biodiversity, and to protect these forests no motorized machines are allowed in the harvest. The interior linen fabric comes from the stem of the flax plant and is also soap and water wash friendly. Flax is native to much of the United States, including the Northwest, is harvested annually and requires little water in the growing cycle. Hardware is top-of-the-line RIRI zippers made in the Swiss and Italian Alps in a sustainable setting.

The selection of bags includes cross-body bags, convertible back packs, and larger shopping bags and are created in a variety of colors. They are soft on your body and irresistible! These bags are available in select United States galleries, including the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum Shop.

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