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Carl Yurdin

The Island Gallery welcomes Carl Yurdin, a new artist from the industrial design world of the East Coast, who settled first on Orcas Island, Washington, and now here on Bainbridge Island.

In Carl’s own words:

As an industrial designer for over fifty years, I have spent my whole career designing products that expand the visual possibilities. Over those years, I have remained committed to high design standards, balancing functionality, user requirements, regulatory needs and overall aesthetics – for both highly consumer focused products, as well as more industrial products, like medical and construction equipment. In my view, everything deserves the opportunity to be well designed to enhance the overall user experience. That perspective informs how I work today, having moved to the Northwest and Bainbridge Island.

My process is about investing in the beauty of the wood and revealing what possibilities exist. I don’t always know what will come out of a project when I start, but I respect the materials I am working with – letting them provide direction, along with the tools I use. Together, we figure it out. I strive to create pieces that convey the possibility of nature, but bring a practical usability to bear. Nothing is too fragile and everything has a purpose, be it highlighting an aspect of the natural wood or incorporating it into a function of use. That’s where the keen balance of the industrial designer in me shines.

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