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Erika Laureano

Erika Laureano was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew up surrounded by art and creativity. Her mother was an artist and painter, whom she enjoyed watching as she painted on enormous canvases in her attic studio; this is where Erikaís fascination began. She spent her childhood behind the scenes at her motherís art and framing galleries, meeting interesting artists and learning about their stories.

Erika attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a BA in Fashion Design. Additional art focuses included ceramics, painting and figurative drawing. After college Erika attended Lorenzo di Medici in Florence and the University per Staneri in Perugia, Italy, studying language, art history, and figurative drawing. The abundance of 15th and 16th century art throughout Italy fueled her fascination with its rich colors, flowing lines, dramatic stories and presentations. She then spent time in New York City working with various menswear and womenís couture designers.

Erika learned metalsmithing techniques at Danaca Design in Seattle, Washington: basic metalsmith practice, the concept of jewelry design and a new vocabulary in the arts, as well as the more precise and creative techniques shared by some of the nationís most renowned jewelry artists. Thus she developed her own distinctive jewelry style and now creates a wide range of jewelry from large faceted rings with an ancient look and feel to bright and radiant resin pieces. Currently, in the Patina Resin Collection, her focus is on texture, color and found objects. Within the line there is an array of necklaces, earrings, statement cuffs and rings. Copper, brass, sterling and gold are embossed for texture, then married with color, created through various patina recipes Erika has experimented with over the years. Finally, all is captured with resin and sometimes you might see found objects (watch parts, glass balls, bronze cast coral, plastic tiny bubble balls) suspended in the process!

The organic colors that surface through the patina process, combined with her bold cutting edge designs, allow for unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Erika holds a position on the Seattle Metals Guild board, and she assists in various functions and exhibitions in the area.

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