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Begona Rentero: Necklace Catalog

The items in this category are available only by Special Order from the artist; please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

See Begona's second section, here, containing immediate availability/ready to ship necklaces.

Please contact the Gallery anytime with queries.


Spanish designer Begoña Rentero, originally from Granada, grew up in a family that had a profound respect for nature and the environment. These early influences developed into a passion for organic forms, color and movement inspired by nature. Begoña later translated this passion into a jewelry collection featuring a series of unique pieces. The colors and organic shapes of winter flowers, flora and sea fauna have inspired her latest collection of hand-made, exquisitely crafted jewelry. The pieces are made of special paper, fibers of silk, cotton, et cetera, that she prepares with a method she has developed to toughen them up for daily use, without compromising their delicate, organic aesthetic. Using only natural dyes her pieces both reflect and respect the environment and, as she says, "are so light you have to touch them to know that you're wearing them."



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