The Batik Unisex Shirt is out of stock but can be special ordered. Please email if you are interested. Wonderful, "wear anywhere" Batik Unisex Shirts with a front pocket, and 4 motif options. The fabric is hand stamped batik, made with natural dyes, and wonderfully soft 100% cotton. This is a lightweight shirt that is perfect in warm weather, and makes a versatile piece for layering. From the artist: The stamp or cap ("chop") is dipped in hot melted wax and stamped onto the fabric. The caps were collected from markets, closed batik studios, and later some were custom made. The men who make these stamps are themselves craftsmen/artists. The Gallery has a number of used caps which are considered "rescued" in Indonesia, art pieces which can be displayed on the wall or in a bookcase. If interested, contact the Gallery for further information on these beautiful creations, which are not only lovely, but functional as well. Fabric Motifs: Stone, Lozenge, Cloud, Circular